{Wedding}: It’s our turn

engagement ringCome October of this year my fiance of four years and I are getting married. And we’re planning it ourselves. Madness you say? Perhaps. But we have our reasons: We’re both creatives and love a project; we’re both particular about how we want everything to look; we’re both crazy. Plus we’re trying to not spend a ridiculous amount of money. Though, admittedly, the Mr. keeps saying, “we can hire someone to do that”. And me, “no”.

I’m sharing this info because I decided to blog about our do-it-yourself wedding. I know lots of people go the DIY wedding route but I’ve never seen anyone document what they did along the way. I want to do this so other couples can see just what goes into it should you be control freaks interested in doing it yourself. There is much to consider but there is one thing I know for sure:

there are as many decisions as you want to make.

And that is what you must keep in the forefront of your mind when planning. At the end of the day you need only you, your intended, an officiant, witnesses and a certificate. Everything else is frosting. Remember that when you’re pulling your hair out because you can’t decide what color table cloth to choose or your fiance is dragging his feet on designing your invites. Not that I would know anything about either of those. Ahem.

It’s been wedding year in my family (four weddings to be exact) and I’ve learned a lot simply by watching how my cousins’ navigated their big days. (The Mr. has been known to take notes even!) Feel free to follow along on twitter. My handle is twitter.com/offmyredcarpet. We even have a celebrity style nickname and hashtag courtesy of our friends: jennis (jennifer + dennis). Please ask any questions along the way. I love to help people make their spaces beautiful and I’m happy to do that for you and share what I’ve learned.


One thought on “{Wedding}: It’s our turn

  1. How exciting!! Best wishes! I love DIY weddings and if you don’t mind, I’d will tag along bcs I would love to see the process and end result!

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