Christmas in the Garden

When decorating for Christmas one must not forget to spread a little Christmas cheer to the outdoors. Many people hang wreaths and lights but if you’re a gardener wouldn’t you like to take it a bit further??

It can’t get much prettier than an urn piled high with cut evergreen branches and sparkling ornaments! How lovely this would be most anywhere in the garden. The trick to getting the ornaments to not roll off is to use a wreath and then pile ornaments in the center for the finishing touch. You can purchase premade wreaths of ornaments or create your own in your favorite Christmas color scheme. This would be equally lovely in blues, silvers and whites!

How simple is this?! As easy as setting up some cloches filled with ornaments and set outside on a table. Simply flip the cloche over so the open end faces up, fill carefully with ornaments, place an appropriately sized tray or plate over the opening and then gingerly turn it right side up. I love the “Merry” and “Christmas” on the plant markers in the pot. Nice attention to detail here and perfect vignette for the gardener.

My favorite garden vignettes nearly always include a birdbath. I love birds so anything to do with birds always catches my eye – especially if it uses a birdbath. (And if you have multiples as I do, the birds probably won’t mind giving up a couple of their tubs for Christmas!) What is great about this one is the size. I love these little shorty birdbaths. They also make decorating for the holidays easier because we typically already have items in our homes that we can use. Here a cloche filled with lights surrounded by a few sprigs of evergreens and some pine cones collected from a walk or a neighbor’s yard. No cloche? A transparent vase will do just fine. There will be a cord running out of the top back of the vase but that is okay! In this instance it is more important to hide the cord head than the cord itself. The most difficult thing you’ll have to do is the extension cord for the lights – be sure to purchase one that is easily hidden for your climate. They are readily available in brown, white or green.

Wheelbarrow, evergreen, lights. Done. Talk about easy to do but big on impact! And if it snows where you live, savor the bonus dusting to those branches. Loveliness.

What a great alternative to decorating the entrance to your home. This is perfect for gardeners – wellies, watering cans, tools. The florist bucket and star in place of a wreath is a nice spin on a door decoration. A few touches of red in the amaryllis, wellies and tools and you’re ‘reddy‘ for Christmas! Ha 😉

So remember above when I said I loved birdbaths? You knew I was going to sneak another one in didn’t you?? But how could I not?! This is too cute to not share. A standard sized birdbath with a little evergreen, moss and some log ends. Toss in a strand of snowflake novelty lights and you have Christmas cuteness x10! So what are some of your favorites? I’d love to see pics!


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