Tabletop Christmas Trees

Are you the type who loves to decorate for Christmas? I’m a fanatic. I love a tree in every room! However, decorating a full scale tree for every room would detract from the family tree. Enter the tabletop Christmas tree – a perfectly sized morsel for the other rooms in your home. A tabletop tree is any tree that will fit on a table, suits the scale of the room and leaves space between the tree topper and the ceiling. A five foot tree would be quite appropriate in a home with 10 or 12 foot ceilings while homes with standard eight foot ceilings will need to go shorter. Don’t be fooled by their diminutive stature though as these little lovelies are no wallflowers:

How beautiful and festive is this tabletop tree? It’s perched so sweetly on that fantastic drop-leaf table. Love.

Or this gorgeous aluminum tree set atop a dining table? What a great way to decorate the dining room. The tree is tall but guests can easily see one another when seated because of the space between the lower branches and the table. And since it’s aluminum there is no need for lights; the reflection alone is fantastic. Love the addition of the winter landscape to hide the base. Perfection.

Image 1: // Image 2:


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