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I love interior design blogs and sites. It is so much fun to dream spaces. One of my favorite sites for playtime is Sproost. They have a great little style generator that determines your favorite interior styles by viewing a number of photographs of various room styles and indicating your degree of like/dislike of the room’s furnishings. You end up with percentages of the styles you prefer most. Examples include but are not limited to: Nantucket, Vintage Modern, French Eclectic, Hollywood Couture, and Rustic Revival. What is my style? So glad you inquired (*wink):

~43% Hollywood Couture

Those fabulous blue chairs are absolutely delicious.

~29% Rustic Revival

Love the organic, rustic look of the sofa table; as if cut straight from a felled tree.

~28% Vintage Modern

I adore gallery white walls and floors with the sleek lines of retro furnishings.

I will add that each time you take the quiz your results might vary. This all depends on the images shown. I took the quiz twice and the first time my styles were 40% Vintage Modern, 40% Hollywood Couture, and 20% Southwestern. At first glance the results may seem quite different but not really. The Sproost instructions are quite clear that you pay attention to the overall feel of the room and the furniture and accessories in the room; not the layout, color, or architecture of the space. The Southwestern vs Rustic Revival are actually not terribly different based on the items I like that fit both of these categories: natural materials like wood, stone, tile, etc. I love the addition of organic, natural elements and both of these styles have those. If the results give a style that you initially think isn’t you, take it again and look for any similarities in resulting differing styles on the second pass. Give it a go and do share your style in comments below or your own post!

~smiles my lovelies. le purrr…


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