.5 senses friday

I did it again didn’t I? Forgot to post my 5 senses friday on Friday. So sorry. I’m still searching for a good rhythm for blogging time and it’s more difficult than I thought it would be! I pledge to do better.

~homemade hot chocolate with whipped cream and cinnamon. yum!

~my favorite sound: snow falling in woods. again! twice this year!

~my wet dog from all the snow. while not particulary pleasant, it means she had an awesome time in the snow

~snow fall. and fall. and fall some more. we rarely get this much snow in Nashville, TN. it’s exciting for us.

~happy for my snow day from work!

As always, leave your 5 senses friday in a comment or post to your blog and link her in the comments section. Happy weekend!


4 thoughts on “.5 senses friday

  1. Oh I hate that you missed it too! It’s so rare for us to get snow like this. Still, should be able to get some pics tomorrow. Let’s hope for it!

  2. Okay, so here goes my 5 senses Friday:

    – a very very very salty salted fish.
    – lady gaga. mwa!
    – orchid scented skin. my skin.
    – off-white walls EVERYWHERE. you bet, it’s boring.
    – quite bored. but i found this blog, it’s fun!

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