5 senses friday

It’s 5 Senses Friday! Ok, technically it’s Saturday but I went out with friends tonight to see a documentary on the Paris ballet company and I’m just now able to sit down and write. Please forgive; didn’t realize the movie would be 3 hours long!

~the super soft pita on the hummus plate at Fido’s coffee house

~Ruby’s joyful whine when I come home

~my Rollover latte (like a toasted marshmellow)

~a French documentary

~glad that I got to see dear friends at the movies

Have a merry weekend!


2 thoughts on “5 senses friday

  1. It was good. Long (3 hours nearly) but really interesting. I liked that they showed everybody it takes to to put on a ballet, from the dancers to staff including the cleaning crew. And yes, you must have a rollover latte. It’s my fave!

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