snow day!

We get very little snow in Middle Tennessee so when we do it is a big deal. Southerners don’t know how to drive in it and it has a way of panicking us. But not me. I embrace snow. I crave it. Lovely tiny flakes lilt toward earth like fairies and sift across the roads like confectioner’s sugar.

I love snow. I love even more to hear snow fall in the woods. I never knew (or even considered) that it made a sound until walking through the woods on my parents property. I stopped for a moment and there, in the massive quiet, was the softest brush as each flake landed on the dry forest leaves. One could never hear this in the city. The landing is too soft and the city much too noisy to allow it. To this day it is the most peaceful sound I have ever heard.

In celebration of being released from work early to beat the all ensuing black ice we get as a result, I took RubyJane outside for a woodsy romp and a snowball fight. Happy snow day to me and Ruby.


2 thoughts on “snow day!

  1. Thank you Eva! We both had a big time in the mini-blizzard yesterday. Wish we would get more. I’ve been wanting to take snow photos for some time…

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