Help! My bubble lights won’t bubble!

Ah, bubble lights. One of my very favorite novelty lights at Christmas. I remember seeing them as a girl for the first time on my piano instructor’s tree. So very mesmerizing. That bubbling is just too much fun. But what to do if/when there are no bubbles?

Bubble lights need to be warm in order for the chemical reaction to take place creating the bubbles. If they aren’t bubbling after they’ve been on for several minutes and allowed to warm up, simply unscrew the bulb from its socket and give it a good shake. It should start to bubble after one or two attempts; then screw it back into the socket. Still won’t bubble? Check to see if the crystals in the tube are trapped in a cluster away from the base. If so, this will prevent them from getting warm enough to create the bubbling reaction. This has only ever happened to me once and I wasn’t able to get the crystals dislodged to allow for the bubbling to occur. The best thing to do is to let the bulb burn out (sans bubbles) or replace it with a fresh one. Internet vendors are the best place to buy replacement bulbs; the color selections are so much better than in stores. Check my previous post on lighting the Christmas Tree for links to various vendors. Happy Christmas my dears!


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