Scott Kelby Photowalk

Enjoying taking pics? Me too. Dennis and I participated in the 2nd Annual Scott Kelby Photowalk on Saturday (July 18th) and had a really fun time. There were two in the area: one in downtown Nashville and the other in Franklin.  The downtown one was already full so we signed up for Franklin. I’ve been wanting to snap some pics there anyway and this seemed as good an opportunity as any plus meeting some photogs along the journey. (On a side note, I met a guy there who turned out to be my cousin! And he’s a pro photographer to boot. What fun!)

It was a wonderful turnout. Dennis and I both felt rather minor compared to everyone sporting their huge Nikon and Canon DSLR’s. There was a lot of money on that sidewalk believe me. I had my mere little Canon S3 which I brought with me but we also did something that I don’t believe anyone else did: we were analog. I mainly wanted to shoot with my Holga and Dennis was outfitted with his Lomo Fisheye as well as a vintage Argus Seventy-five we wanted to try out for fun. We spent the evening prior learning to respool 120 film on 620 spools. I only took about 10 pics with my Holga-not nearly as many as I wanted to take but I have great hope for these images because the weather and morning light was beautiful (fingers -crossed). I hope to share some when they are developed. For now, here’s one of the shots from that walk taken with my S3:


2 thoughts on “Scott Kelby Photowalk

  1. Thank you Eva! I was really hoping actually that you might be there. I found out about 2 days before. You definitely need to do it next year! Maybe if you go on the website it will let you create an account and possibly get an email prompt for next time. I’m hoping that they send emails out to participants from the previous year so you know when it’s coming up. It was a really fun time!

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