Filters and lenses and adapter tubes, oh my

I’ve been trying to get a few accessories for my little Canon S3 to tie me over until I save up for the big cheese (Canon 50D) but it’s proving to be difficult. Why? Well I’ll tell you. In order to purchase the filters and lenses I want I need to get an adapter tube.  I need a 52 mm or 58 mm. And then there’s plastic or metal and the metal 58’s are getting harder to come by. Plus some 3rd party lenses are only available in 52mm but when I get a DSLR I would be able to carry any filters purchased over to the new camera. Rawr!!! I’m thinking of just buying both using the 58 mm for filters and the 52 mm for the specialty lenses made for the S3. Why does everything have to be so difficult? Double Rawr!!!!! But when I get my Raynox 250 magnifier it’ll boost my macro and the little guy in the pic below will look like the jolly green giant in my lens. Triple Rawr! (but in a good way 😉 )

On another note…Is it me or are the CMT Music Awards trying too hard? That Taylor Swift is darling though.


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