Flowers. I haven’t purchased hardly any flowers this year. I’m so behind!! I went once but couldn’t decide on what color scheme I wanted to do so I left without much. But look out Mennonite nursery center ’cause I’ll be coming with my debit card and having a grand ole time this weekend. I need to garden. It’s my stress reliever and do I ever need it. I love my flowers and I’m hoping for a good butterfly season this year. My butterfly garden is almost weed free (getting closer!) and I can’t wait for all the happy faces of my favorite flowers out there. Some have started. Like this lovely lady:

This is known officially as Gaillardia (genus) but also commonly known as blanketflower. Butterflies love these and blanketflowers love the heat. They do so great in our hot summers. They’re annuals but they are super at self-sowing so you always get more the next year; just maybe not in the exact same place 😉

I’m also going to attempt to climb into the pond. What a fun chore that will be…not. Hoisting heavy laden lily pots that smell is not my idea of a fun time but the lovely blossoms and pads are a wonderful reward for a not so fun job. How can you say no to a face like this:

Yeah, me neither. This is why I’ll haul my cookies down into the muck to clean the filter and divide lilies for the beautiful reward they bring all summer.


4 thoughts on “Decisions

  1. Thanks Eva! I love it. Wish I could work it into a job somehow; maybe someday I’ll figure out how to do it. I’ll definitely share pics as things start to really bloom and the butterflies show up more frequently!

  2. You shouldn’t have problem deciding the color scheme of flowers. You have perfect color scheme, one can easily make out from the picture you have posted online on your blog.

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